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because two should do

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Jul 22 '14

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Jul 20 '14

what really happend in the night germany’s national team won the world cup..

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Jul 16 '14


Serbian Hello magazine published some photos and articles about Novak’s and Jelena’s wedding last week in Monday’s 14th July issue.

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With translations:

Jul 12 '14
Jul 12 '14
Jul 11 '14
Jul 11 '14

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Jul 11 '14

The fact that Poldi was called the “selfie king" by a Brit newspaper makes me giggle, because its true (x)

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Jul 10 '14
Jul 10 '14

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Jul 10 '14

So I should tell Tumblr this story.

Yesterday, I was wearing my Germany shirt when the fridge delivery guy came. I went down to meet him and help him carry the fridge up to our unit. He looked up and said “Oh, Germany.” I said, “Yeah.”

Then he said, “I’m Brazilian.” [awkward]

Then I said, “I’m not German, but I support Germany.” [more awkwardness]

Then we just chatted a bit about the game. He said that he woke up early morning, saw three goals by Germany and went back to sleep. 

Yeah. So just a World Cup anecdote.

Jul 3 '14
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